Week 10: Fun and a Little Hiking

Total Miles: 655.6

Miles This Week: 90.1

Location: Chestnut Ridge to The Captain’s

The Good: I had a great week back on the trail. Even though I didn’t get in all the miles I wanted I feel like all the time spent not hiking was totally worth it. We spent half a day at Trent’s Grocery for burgers and then on to Dismal Falls for swimming and more good company. Passed the 600 mile mark! Adopted a hiker named Ghost and we hope he sticks around. Took a zero in Narrows, VA at MacArthur Inn for more food and more swimming in creeks. One of the best parts of this week was ziplining to The Captain’s for soda. I know none of this has anything to do with the actual hiking but that was awesome too!

The Bad: We had a fire pit explode one night which was not awesome. Whatever it was it was big enough to completely put out the fire. When we were done pooping ourselves we noticed a rock was missing. Luckily, Ghost had JUST gotten up because the empty space where the rock used to be was in front of where he was just sitting. The worst part of this week was hearing bad news about our friend Brother Ty. He fell getting water at a shelter and was in the hospital. Thankfully he doesn’t need surgery but his current hike is over and I am heartbroken. We love you, Tyler!

– Cyndi Loppers


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