Vermont’s Long Trail: Week 2

Miles This Week: 95.0

Total Miles: 181.7

Dates: September 10-16, 2017

Locations: VT Rt. 103 to Duxbury Road Trailhead

Highs: The weather was better this week. Only one day of rain and it’s oddly kinda warm but that’s better than being wet and cold like last week. More porcupines! I’ve been lazier but somehow did more miles? I don’t know how I had the time between picking berries and apples, laughing, and lounging around for sunsets and sunrises. The trail is getting harder, which to me equals more fun. There’s been rebar, ladders, and a rope! Camel’s Hump was my favorite and a fantastic way to end the week.

Lows: I had stomach issues this week but it’s been resolved. Northern Vermont isn’t pulling any punches. I’ve had problems with my ankles, knees, and suddenly a hip? I have bruises everywhere from falling down wet rock slabs. It’s nothing I didn’t endure on the Appalachian Trail but I was two years younger then and I’ve had back surgery since. I’ve slowed my mileage down for next week though and I think that will help with all the falling. Last but not least, still no moose.