Texas State Parks Road Trip: Day 3

Miles Hiked Today: 2.00

Miles Hiked Total: 14.49

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Blanco State Park

Took a short nature hike along the river and met a cat that asked for my bacon. I don’t normally feed the animals but… kitty! He let me pet him and then ditched me to beg for food from other people. Missing my little monsters at home. Took a dip in the spring-fed Blanco River. It’s a pretty blue-green and kinda chilly. Saw some catfish. It’s a small park but I bet it’s nice for people that live close by.

Lyndon B. Johnson State Park

Didn’t do any hiking here but took the drive tour around to historic sites like a school house and the cemetery with LBJ’s grave. Lots of neat information at the visitor center. You can listen to secretly recorded phone conversations between him and people like JFK and MLK Jr.

Old Tunnel State Park

Got here too early for bats and too late for hiking. The trail closes at 5 pm. Walked down the road to Alamo Springs Cafe to kill the time and fill my belly. Had a small anxiety attack while waiting in line to pay. There’s live music on the weekends so the place was packed. Walked back to the park and coincidentally picked out perfect seats for the emergence. There’s an upper deck and a lower deck. The lower is $5 and the upper is free. We were told that sometimes the bats come out the back entrance to the tunnel. Seemed silly to pay $5 to maybe not see bats at all so we picked the upper deck for a decent view of both sides. They ended up coming out right behind us in a big funnel. It may have been one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. It lasted for maybe 10 minutes. They’ve already started migrating back to Mexico so I can only imagine what they are like in peak season when there are 3 million of them. Tomorrow, I leave my friend and the hill country for the rest of the week. I love it here but it’s time to move on.

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