Texas State Parks Road Trip: Day 5

Miles Hiked Today: 5.83

Miles Hiked Total: 23.32

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I haven’t talked much about the driving portions of this trip but that’s been fun, too. Although my back isn’t pleased with all this time sitting and I’m running out of playlists to rock out to, I’ve seen some interesting things. There’s the usual farm roads with cattle but also a random castle, dueling alpacas, massive cotton fields, and roadrunners running on the road. Almost forgot my favorite, the surprise in the gas station bathroom today. Oh, Texas, I reach for toilet paper, you give me a tarantula.

Abilene State Park

After an excruciatingly long search for coffee this morning, I wound up in Abilene. I walked the Abilene Dam Road around the lake. I had to use the GPS on my phone a couple times to make sure I was still on the right trail. There are more splits than are shown on the paper parks map. If you’re not careful, you can walk straight out of the park. The lake is a muddy reddish brown and doesn’t look good for swimming but the weather was nice so it was still a good walk. I’m far enough north that everything is red. I think it’s oxidized iron in the soil? I think that’s what I remember from visiting Caprock Canyon a long time ago. Anyway, it’s really pretty.

Copper Breaks State Park

I decided to give myself an easy evening tonight. I chose two short trails that would give me plenty of time to hang out at camp afterwards, the Juniper Ridge Nature Trail and the Rocky Ledges Loop. They were both pretty sandstone and each had fun steep parts. The elevation change isn’t much but good enough for a short trail run. I rounded a corner and startled a big falcon into flying off right over me. My first thought was that it had two heads until I realized it had an owl in its beak. I didn’t know birds ate other birds. Now, I’m sitting in front of my campfire watching for shooting stars. Three so far. I made a broccoli, potato, onion, and steak hobo dinner in the coals. I regret to inform these coyotes that I’m not sharing. I forgot how much I love car camping!

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