Texas State Parks Checklist

In case you haven’t heard, Texas is big, y’all! I’d like to visit every Texas State Park. :)


Click on the park names below to visit that blog post and to see pictures from some of the parks we’ve visited. If there’s more than one post for that park, the extra links are in parentheses next to it. Some of the places were visited before I had this blog so I’ll go back and post pictures from them as I have time … or if I have writer’s block that week. The list was taken from the State Park Guide on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website but I consolidated parks with more than one unit or that are at the same location. For example, Choke Canyon State Park’s Caliham and South Shore units are counted as just one state park, as well as Battleship Texas and San Jacinto Battleground, etc. Also, not all of the parks or historical sites allow overnight stays so it’s not all about camping but I’m keeping them on the list to keep things challenging. As I’m writing this, it looks like I’ve been to 21 so far. That’s so many! On the other hand, it’s not really that many since I have 71 to go. The panhandle and east Texas ones are hard to get to. They take extra planning and extra days for travel. To give you an idea, our Caprock Canyons trip was supposed to be 9 hours without traffic. I think we made it home in 11? Seriously, you can drive in Texas for forever.

I’ve come a long way but I’m still a long ways away. Say that three times fast. Looking forward to each and every one!


  1. Abilene SP
  2. Bastrop SP AKA the place we got married! (anniversary) (volunteer tree planting 2014)
  3. Battleship Texas & San Jacinto Battleground & Monument SHS
  4. Big Spring SP
  5. Blanco SP
  6. Brazos Bend SP (my first hike in the rain!)
  7. Buescher SP
  8. Caprock Canyons SP & TW (We didn’t do the TW but did do LOTS of hiking)
  9. Colorado Bend SP
  10. Copper Breaks SP
  11. Dinosaur Valley SP
  12. Enchanted Rock SNA (2016, 2017-04, 2017-10)
  13. Fort Parker SP
  14. Galveston Island SP
  15. Garner SP
  16. Government Canyon SNA
  17. Guadalupe River SP
  18. Hill Country SNA
  19. Huntsville SP
  20. Inks Lake SP
  21. Lake Arrowhead SP
  22. Lake Brownwood SP
  23. Lake Colorado City SP
  24. Lake Somerville SP & TW
  25. Longhorn Cavern SP
  26. Lost Maples SNA
  27. Lyndon B. Johnson SP & SHS
  28. Martin Dies, Jr. SP
  29. McKinney Falls SP (2nd visit)
  30. Mother Neff SP
  31. Mustang Island SP (extra blog w/videos of crabs and clams)
  32. Old Tunnel SP
  33. Palmetto SP
  34. Palo Duro Canyon SP (canyon bottom, canyon rim)
  35. Pedernales Falls SP
  36. Sea Rim SP (2nd visit)
  37. South Llano River SP
  38. Stephen F. Austin SP
  39. Village Creek SP
  40. Washington-on-the-Brazos SHS

Not Visited (Yet!)

  1. Atlanta SP
  2. Balmorhea SP
  3. Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley SP
  4. Big Bend Ranch SP & Barton Warnock VC
  5. Bonham SP
  6. Caddo Lake SP
  7. Cedar Hills SP
  8. Choke Canyon SP
  9. Cleburne SP
  10. Cooper Lake SP
  11. Daingerfield SP
  12. Davis Mountains SP
  13. Devil’s River SNA
  14. Devil’s Sinkhole SNA
  15. Eisenhower SP
  16. Estero Llano Grande SP
  17. Fairfield Lake SP
  18. Falcon SP
  19. Fanthorp Inn SHS
  20. Fort Boggy SP
  21. Fort Leaton SHS
  22. Fort Richardson SP, SHS & TW
  23. Franklin Mountains SP
  24. Goliad SP
  25. Goose Island SP
  26. Honey Creek SNA
  27. Hueco Tanks SP & SHS
  28. Indian Lodge
  29. Kickapoo Cavern SP
  30. Lake Bob Sandlin SP
  31. Lake Casa Blanca International SP
  32. Lake Corpus Christi SP
  33. Lake Livingston SP
  34. Lake Mineral Wells SP & TW
  35. Lake Tawakoni SP
  36. Lake Whitney SP
  37. Lipantitlan SHS
  38. Lockhart SP
  39. Martin Creek Lake SP
  40. Meridian SP
  41. Mission Tejas SP
  42. Monahans Sandhills SP
  43. Monument Hill & Kreische Brewery SHS
  44. Port Isabel Lighthouse SHS
  45. Possum Kingdom SP
  46. Purtis Creek SP
  47. Ray Roberts Lake SP
  48. Resaca de la Palma SP
  49. San Angelo SP
  50. Seminole Canyon SP & SHS
  51. Sheldon Lake SP
  52. Tyler SP
  53. Wyler Aerial Tramway
 (SP = state park, SHS = state historic site, SNA = state natural area, TW = trailway, VC = visitor center)
***I should’ve found a way to copy and paste but I had fun typing everything out. If you notice something missing or misspelled please let me know. Thanks!***
McKinney Falls sign

I used to make them take pictures with every sign but they were always the fakest of the smiles so I stopped. Fakers!


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