Texas State Parks Road Trip: Day 7

Miles Hiked Today: 16.40

Miles Hiked Total: 49.78

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Palo Duro Canyon State Park

After two nights in a row being the only person in my campground, having giggly neighbors with crappy taste in music last night was extra annoying. It’s all part of my internal struggle to want to encourage people to enjoy outdoor recreation while silently hoping that they do it far far away from me. Luckily it was nothing a day of hiking couldn’t fix. I woke up too late to hike up to the sunrise but I did drive up to the Visitor Center lookout just in time. Then I drove back down and started a cold morning ascent back up to the rim on the Rock Garden Trail. I did all the trails up there except one spur I couldn’t find. It was overgrown or I was day dreaming. I saw a porcupine and three roadrunners. For the first time in my adult life, something I learned as a child isn’t a complete lie. Roadrunners are fast and I can’t get a damn picture of one! Once it warmed up, I was over being in the sun, so I ran down and got a burger from the trading post. A co-worker from REI in Houston walked in just as I started eating. I still can’t get over how the hiking world puts people at the right place at the right time like that. I absolutely love it. I thought I was done for the day but I couldn’t waste all that daylight left so I did the CCC Trail for sunset since I missed the sunrise. Totally worth it. Another fantastic night under the stars. What we lack in mountains, we make up for with sky. I love it here but I’ve done everything I wanted to do so I think I might make my way back south tomorrow morning. I’m not sure how much more of this I’ve got in me. I miss my cats and I’m tired of driving. But the bright side is that I’m 67% of the way to my donation goal and I’ve hiked almost 50 miles in 6 days! I know it’s no thru-hike but that’s not bad considering I’ve spent most of my time in the car. Texas is big, y’all!