Texas State Parks Road Trip: Day 1

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Miles Hiked Today: 5.77
Miles Hiked Total: 5.77

I started my road trip here because this is the first place I ever went camping and it means a lot to me. My friend in San Antonio is moving soon and I wanted him to see my reason for doing what I do before he leaves. We arrived late in the afternoon and had just enough time to hike into the primitive campground and set up before taking the Echo Canyon Trail up to connect with the summit trail. It was pretty quiet on top with just a few folks hanging around to watch the sunset. I was a little worried it would be crowded because all of the car camping sites were full but it wasn’t bad at all. We cooked dinner and watched the sun disappear below the horizon. It was a nice little night hike back to camp with lots of spiders and grasshoppers to look at. Fell asleep under a fantastic view of the Milky Way while coyotes serenaded me to sleep. Tomorrow, I start hitting new places to check off the list!

To donate to my HIKE for Mental Health #hikeOctober fundraising page click here.


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