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Cyndi Loppers – Class of 2015

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The Hiker Yearbook is in a contest to win a small business grant from FedEx. The grand prize is $25,000! Imagine what they could do with that. Odie works hard for what he does and it shows with amazing results. I love my yearbook and think it would be cool if he could expand to the PCT as well. It costs you nothing to support this amazing project, except a brief moment of your time. There’s no lengthy form to fill out or anything like that. You only have to provide an email address and prove you’re not a robot. That’s it! Please consider voting and just as a reminder, you can vote once every 24 hours until April 4th. Thanks and don’t forget to share the link when you’re done!

Click here to vote!

For those of you who don’t know what The Hiker Yearbook is, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a yearbook for hikers. Odie and company travel the Appalachian Trail in a bus and on foot, talking to as many hikers as they can. If you happen to miss them, don’t worry! You can email them your favorite photo and they’ll make sure you get represented as the best you possible… Unlike that one time in elementary school when I thought homemade headbands and roller blade themed shirts were REALLY going to catch on…


They collect the photos and contact information, and put them together in a yearbook for the hikers to enjoy after they get home. It’s not only nostalgic to see the people you came to call trail family, but it’s useful for reconnecting with hikers you lost track of. I don’t know how many times Pathfinder or I have been telling a story and one of us asks, “Do you remember ______?” We always just end up pulling out our yearbook and looking them up. We love it! Oh, and cats do too.





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