Cats Love The Hiker Yearbook!

My 2015 Appalachian Trail thru-hike was a constant roller coaster of ups and downs and I don’t regret a bit of it. I have, however, noticed that every time someone asks what I would do differently if I could do it all over again I always have the same answer. I would take more pictures of the people I met, people that would more often than not become my friends. I have countless photos of mountains and sunsets, and while I cherish them dearly, I wish I had more photos of the people that I shared those moments with. In fact, there were quite a few hikers I met early on in my hike that I enjoyed spending time with but for whatever reason never saw again. After I came home, I tried to remember their names or what they looked like and I wondered if they ever made it to where they were going. The Hiker Yearbook has been absolutely amazing in helping me remember faces and names. It goes a step further and (with permission) has contact info to reconnect with other hikers. Very awesome! I’ll be honest here and say that I didn’t not cry when I got my copy in the mail. Trust me when I say it’s worth every penny.


The Hiker Yearbook’s new bus at the A.T. Kickoff at Amicalola Falls SP!

Please consider donating to The Hiker Yearbook on Kickstarter. There’s only two days left and if everyone can give a little it could mean a lot. Thanks, guys!

There are different levels of rewards for helping back this project but some of the coolest are:

  • $10 or more = Hiker Yearbook sticker, bracelet, and a note from Odie
  • $30 or more = T-shirt, bracelet, and note
  • $35 or more = 2014 or 2015 Hiker Yearbook
  • $60 or more = 2016 Hiker Yearbook
  • $100 or more = your choice of the 14′, 15′, or 16′ Hiker Yearbook, bracelet, stickers, and your name on a special backers page in the 2016 edition

Click here to support The Hiker Yearbook. It really is an awesome project and I hope it gets to continue.


Tiny enjoys reading it before bedtime!


Cyndi Loppers – Class of 2015


Don’t ask why I’m looking at the ceiling at the ALDHA Gathering. I have no idea.


Summit photo!


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