Enchanted Rock Sunset (Trailiversary Part 2)

(For pictures from the first half of our day at McKinney Falls SP click here.)



After dropping off Giggly Goose so he could get some rest before his show at SXSW, I drove Pathfinder and Blackout to Enchanted Rock SNA. As we got closer the flashing lights for the closed sign were on. The park is a popular spot on the weekends and it was spring break so I had a feeling that would happen. When the parking lots are full they close for a couple hours. We decided we’d already come so far and would try our luck. It paid off because the line of cars only extended to the main road outside the park and it was slowly but steadily moving. My brother has been in line behind 20 cars OUTSIDE the park! After a short wait and an entertaining argument between park staff about what time the sun set, we were parked and heading up the summit trail. We bounced around on boulders and saw some gorgeous cactus flowers on the way up. We found a quiet spot despite the amount of people there and watched the sun retreat below the horizon. A year ago I stood completely alone atop Springer Mountain in the freezing rain and fog. I never imagined that a year later, my best friend that I met on the trail would move in with me and we’d be watching an incredible Texas sunset together. Even after your hike, the A.T. can still surprise you. I couldn’t have asked for a better Trailiversary.


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