Week 26: Tramily Feud

Total Miles: 1,949.6

Miles This Week: 58.7

Location: Rangeley to Stratton, ME and US 2 to Speck Pond Shelter

The Good: I jumped around parts of Maine trying to find a place my ankle didn’t hate me for. I walked across the New Hampshire/Maine border on my own two feet this time. I spent my time giggling late into the night with my friends and also spent time completely alone reflecting on what my hike means to me. I loved Mahoosuc Notch in all its ankle pain inducing glory. I had off trail adventures of epic proportions.

The Bad: My ankle is fine until it’s not. I really need to get off it but I’m running out of time. My trail family made me so angry I hitched 100 miles away from them and threatened to go home. But the time away from them made me realize that sometimes family sucks but they’re there when you need them and I need them so I’m headed back to where I belong.

– Cyndi Loppers


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