Week 25: Beach Vacation

Total Miles: 1890.9

Miles This Week: 21.1

Location: Pinkham Notch to US 2

The Good: We watched the last fireworks of the season at Old Orchard Beach in Maine. We woke up early for a beautiful beach sunrise. We moved the ankle recovery party to Portland, where Pathfinder scored free tickets to a raggae concert. When I finally got back on trail, I cowboyed by myself on Carter Dome and had the best view of the night sky I could imagine. Oh, and for no reason at all, Pathfinder and I rode in a Santa sleigh in the back of a pickup truck around Gorham singing Christmas carols to a biker gang. Just another week on the A.T.

The Bad: Let’s start with the obvious. I only hiked 20 miles this week. When I hurt my ankle coming out of the Smokies I had easy terrain to test out my ankle. This time, I tackled the Wildcats and the Carters. Rock scramble city! I’m not healing as fast as I thought I would. I got turned down for work-for-stay at a hut and was too stubborn to tell them I was injured. I was in no mood for anyone to feel sorry for me. Instead of hiking some of the hardest sections of the entire trail with a hurt ankle, I made the decision to hitch up to Rangeley, ME. It wasn’t a decision I made lightly and it’s been weighing me down ever since. I will hike every mile of this trail one way or another but this is where I belong for now.

– Cyndi Loppers


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