Week 23: Slackpack Tramily

Total Miles: 1799.8

Miles This Week: 75.6

Location: VT 12 to Kinsman Notch

The Good: I spent most of the week slackpacking with Miss Janet and the most beautiful group of people I’ve met on the trail. We stayed at Daniel Quinn’s, Bill Ackerly’s, Hikers Welcome Hostel, and Chet’s place. We went swimming in a river, at a beach, and at a swimming hole with Baltimore Jack. We are in New Hampshire! I got my winter gear back and crushed Moosilauke. I’m entering the Whites and it’s absolutely unbelievable.

The Bad: With a big group enevitably comes family drama. There was a little bit of that but I think all the fun we had trumps all of that nonsense. We had to wait out an extra day at Hikers Welcome because of bad weather. Nobody wanted to go near Moosilauke in a hail storm with possible tornados. I’m crossing my fingers for good weather in the Whites.

– Cyndi Loppers


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