Week 22: VT and the End of Swimming Forever

Total Miles: 1724.2

Miles This Week: 75.9

Location: Spruce Peak Shelter to VT 12

The Good: Vermont has been amazing. Took a little time off and pond hopped to slow down for some friends. I won’t see them again for a long time after this so I decided it was worth it. The highlights of the week were Bromley Mnt, Griffith Lake, Baker Peak, and Little Rock Pond, and three naked dudes hiking. I can’t even begin to describe the beauty here. There is some serious fairytale forest going on. I spent my five month trailaversary at the Yellow Deli in Rutland. It is an interesting place. I got to see my friend, Treehugger, who I met at last year’s Gathering! It was wonderful to see her. I passed the 1,700-mile mark. I arranged a slackpack extravaganza with Miss Janet and spent the night in Daniel Quinn’s yard staring up at the Milky Way.

The Bad: That leech scene in Stand By Me. ‘Nuff said. Now let’s never speak of it again. On a less traumatizing note, I went the wrong way for the first time. The A.T. made a sharp turn and I accidentally went straight. Straight down .4 miles to a parking lot and then .4 back up the way I came just to go back down again on the actual trail. I didn’t see the sign, the trail, or all of the blue blazes that marked the side trail to the trailhead parking. I was just cruising without paying attention. It was bound to happen eventually and I’m just glad it was easy to find my way back.

– Cyndi Loppers


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