Total Miles: 1373.8

Miles This Week: 124.1

Location: Bake Oven Knob Shelter to Wildcat Shelter

The Good: What a week! No zeros and no regrets. Just lots of miles and smiles. I said goodbye to Pennsylvania and hello to New Jersey. Spoiler alert: the rocks don’t end at the border! BUT they do get less pointy. The garden state was absolutely beautiful. I passed 1,300 miles and finally got some serious hiker hunger. I ate at every place I could conceivably hitch or walk to, and devoured some awesome trail magic. Shout outs to Mamma Bear and Glacier Swiss. Thank you! I even packed out a ridiculous amount of subs up the steep Lehigh climb… after eating a ridiculous amount of subs beforehand. I don’t know how I found time to relax without zeroing but I did some of that too. I kicked back lakeside at Gyp’s Tavern in Culver’s Gap, swam at High Point State Park, watched fireflies for hours on the Murray property, and ate homemade ice cream with a view at Bellvale Farms. Oh, I believe my lightning fear is under control! I had a breakthrough moment in a storm this week. At least, I hope it was a breakthrough. It had all the telltale signs: maniacal laughter, cursing at the sky, some questionable hand gestures, and lots of running. I came out here to conquer fears, not gain new ones.  So, I survived another storm and I’m now in New York. I hope it treats me as well as New Jersey did.

The Bad: The Pennsylvania rocks finally claimed a shoe. I had a huge shoe blowout and had to walk about 10 miles in my Crocs instead. Got new Oboz in Delaware Water Gap and they’re working out just fine. Holy crap, everything itches. The mosquitos were relentless in New Jersey. I’ve resorted to just plain running away from them, which usually includes some form of flailing and cursing. The techniques vary depending on the severity of the swarm.

– Cyndi Loppers


Week 18: Hike, Eat, Curse, Repeat

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