Week 17: Rocky Rocks Rocked

Total Miles: 1249.7

Miles This Week: 102.8

Location: Duncannon, PA to Bake Oven Knob Shelter

The Good: I saw a lot of wildlife this week. I got to pet a rattlesnake which was pretty cool. Porcupines are freakin’ adorable! You know what else is adorable? My new nephew was born this week! I cried right in the middle of the trail when I saw the pictures. I wish I could be there so bad. The good news is that I passed the 1200-mile mark and only have less than 1000 miles to go. I have less to do than I’ve already done! I’ll be home in no time. See ya soon, kid! Lots of small trail magic this week. Those are my favorite kind. It’s ridiculous what a frozen ice pop can do for your morale after sweating in the heat for 12 hours straight. The kindness of strangers continues to blow my mind. I got new clothes in Port Clinton. I’ve lost 40 lbs and nothing fits. This still goes in the plus column for now. I’m eating enough and healthy. I’ve been having fun on the trail. Pulpit Rock, The Pinnacle, and Knife’s Edge were nice. I threw a rock on the biggest cairn on the A.T. I was told it was good luck and I need all the luck I can get.

The Bad: Rocks suck. Mud sucks. Lightning sucks. Wet rocks suck the most. I fell a lot this week. I rubbed raw spots on the bottom of both feet. Nothing some Body Glide and liner socks couldn’t take care of quickly but damn. Pennsylvania doesn’t mess around. I had a couple rough mental days but I’m not going anywhere but to Maine!

– Cyndi Loppers


One thought on “Week 17: Rocky Rocks Rocked

  1. Ouch! Your feet look like they hurt! But Body Glide is some magic stuff. You’re getting closer, and the views look spectacular :) Keep on hopping, Cyndi Loppers! Maine is just around the corner ;) Or many corners…either way!


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