Week 16: Midway Point!

Total Miles: 1146.9

Miles This Week: 99

Location: Annapolis Rocks to Duncannon, PA

The Good: This week was full of calories. So many quick hitches to food, pizza delivery at Pen Mar County Park, and church spaghetti! I had a soda for breakfast, lunch, and dinner one day. My hiker hero of the week is a guy named Wind. He saw a snow cone bus and refused to accept that it was closed. He found the website online, called the guy, and successfully convinced him to come outside and open shop for us. Amazing! Crossed the Mason-Dixon line and entered Pennsylvania. I hope I can still find sweet tea. Spent the 4th of July in the rain and mud but also spent it crossing the midway point and putting 1,100 miles under my belt. I now have less to go than I’ve already gone and that blows my mind. I didn’t do the half gallon challenge at Pine Grove Furnace SP but I totally killed the 6 oz. Italian Ice challenge. Ended the week in Duncannon at Trail Angel Mary’s and helped make some sauces for the Billville hiker feeds. I can’t think of a better way to end this week than that.

The Bad: Lots of rain and mud and rocks. It definitely slowed me down but not by much. There were a lot of hazy views this week. The pollution was a little unsettling to look at at eye level. The mosquitoes are out and annoying but not swarming. Took a sick day in Boiling Springs and considered Lyme for a fraction of a second but I think I’m all good.

– Cyndi Loppers


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