Week 15: Peace Out Virginia

Total Miles: 1047.9

Miles This Week: 81.4

Location: Tom Floyd Wayside to Annapolis Rocks

The Good: So many milestones! Reached the 1,000-mile mark, West Virginia, the ATC at Harpers Ferry, and Maryland. It feels good to be out of Virginia. No offense, VA. There have been lots of places to get food or hitch to food and that has been awesome. I’ve lost about 35 lbs and finally got a smaller hip belt so my back doesn’t hurt. I’ve also been paying more attention to calories and how much I eat. I’d prefer not to lose any more weight now. Got to meet with Laurie Potteiger in Harpers and she took me and my friend Ghost out to lunch. It was super nice of her and I enjoyed her company. I was distracted by a delicious Greek pizza and may have been a little bit of a spaz but hopefully it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. I was starving! I’ve been enjoying all of the historical places lately. I even enjoyed the rain.

The Bad: It’s been a good week. The worst things I can think of are vomiting in my mouth and spitting it into the privy because it smelled so bad in there and the Washington Monument being closed because of a lightning incident. My body is healthy and hiking and that’s absolutely the best I can ask for after 1,000 miles. :)

– Cyndi Loppers


One thought on “Week 15: Peace Out Virginia

  1. Maybe my favorite stretch of the AT, I love Maryland! If it makes you feel better, the view from the top of the Washington Monument isn’t terribly different than the view from the bottom.

    Great turtle shot too!


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