Week 14: Shenandoah NP

Total Miles: 966.5

Miles This Week: 104.8

Location: Rockfish Gap to Tom Floyd Wayside

The Good: I’m slowly making new friends since my group is so far ahead after aqua blazing but it’s tricky finding people with the same pace. Crossed over 900 miles! Saw my first bear and rattlesnake. Shenandoah NP has been full of animals. My favorites have been the baby deer and rabbits. I love that there are berries to pick everywhere and somewhere to stop for lunch every day. I’ve consumed blackberry shakes, blackberry soda, and blackberry lemonade. The way other hikers look at me makes me feel like a blackberry intervention is in my near future.

The Bad: My lightning fear continues. Got caught in a storm and stood there for half an hour trying to force myself to cross Skyline Drive. I couldn’t make my body move. I hope it gets better because I’ve got a long way to go. Got stung on the back of my leg by a hornet. I don’t recommend it. While I loved SNP, I’m happy to be out. I got a touch of the Virginia Blues finally and just need to be out of here. I feel like I’ve been looking at the same two views from Skyline Drive for the last 100 miles. Harpers Ferry here I come!

– Cyndi Loppers


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