Week 13: To Aquablaze or Not to Aquablaze

Total Miles: 861.7

Miles This Week: 44

Location: Campsite to Rockfish Gap

The Good: Nice views and nice off trail adventures this week. I could spend forever at the views but I’ve gotta get to Maine! Spy Rock and The Priest were everything I hoped they’d be. I spent tons of time in water this week in the Tye River, at various creeks, in the hotel pool, and in the Shenandoah River. Took a side trip to the super hiker friendly Devil’s Backbone Brewpub. It is completely worth the visit even if you don’t drink. We spent some time with the owner and they love hikers! Met some awesome ladies hiking that read my trail journal and got some awesome trail magic. Tagged along while some other hikers rescued some adorable baby raccoons that were covered in flies on the side of the trail. Replaced and repaired some gear. My trail runners have been killing me so a huge shout out goes to Hemp and Sandpiper for giving me a ride to get new ones. Love you!

The Bad: I did 44 miles this week. That’s it. 1/2 day at the pub + 1 nearo and 1 zero in Waynesboro + 2 days failing to aquablaze = 44 miles! This is just shameful. BUT now I know that aquablazing isn’t for me. So far I haven’t missed a single blaze. Not one. I thought I would be okay because the fun would be worth it but I was wrong. It was hot, buggy, and frustrating. I thought we would be paddling the raft but a combination of shenanigans and hungoverness meant we just floated. The five holes in the raft didn’t make matters any better either. Hitched the walk of shame back to Waynesboro and now I’m ready to hike again where I left off. Let’s do this!

– Cyndi Loppers


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