Week 6: Laughing to Keep From Crying

Total Miles: 352.8

Miles This Week: 70.0

Location: Rich Mountain Campsite to Beauty Spot

The Good: My ankle is finally feeling fine. I’m lucky it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Passed the 300 mile mark, and oddly enough, did it with a hiking partner right after blogging about never hiking with anyone. We were both having terrible days and decided to be miserable together. Hiked my longest day at 17.1 miles and she played a role in making it happen for sure. Spent more than a few days with Miss Janet surrounded by happy hikers and snuggly dogs.

The Bad: I exchanged a sprained ankle for an upper respiratory infection. Hiking sick is the worst. I can’t breathe and I’ve got to stop constantly to cough or blow my nose. Oh yeah, that longest day was while I was sick. I just really wanted to be in town. Gave up after a week and went to the doctor today for some antibiotics. I met a hiker there with Giardia to remind me that things could always be worse.

As much fun as hiking with someone was, I don’t think it’s for me. I enjoyed sharing beautiful views with her and laughing to keep from crying, but not all of the decision making. What would be a 30 second solo decision would turn into a 5 minute joint decision. It’s definitely time to hike my own hike again.

– Cyndi Loppers


One thought on “Week 6: Laughing to Keep From Crying

  1. Yes, the decision making in a group is so rough, that is why Kyle and I also avoided getting too sucked into other peoples plans. As a couple we are like on brain, so that worked nicely for us! Keep it up!


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