Week 3: Town Vortex and the Downside to Maildrops

Total Miles: 177

Miles This Week: 56.2

Location: Wayah Bald Shelter to Mollies Ridge Shelter

The Good: I could’ve stayed at the Nantahala Outdoor Center all week. I only took two half days and it was really hard not to take a zero. I ate all the foods, drank all the sodas, talked to all the people, and went white water rafting. I soaked my feet in the river and it felt sooo good. I saw a snake, ducks, a groundhog, deer, bats, and a goose this week. Wildflowers are popping up more and more and there are buds on the rhododendrons. I made it to the Smokies! I’m not saying I didn’t think I’d make it this far, but I thought it would be harder. My gear, brain, and body are still holding up and that’s a huge deal!

I met two of my favorite WordPress bloggers at Fontana. It was a total fan girl moment. I admit I geeked out just a little. Happy hiking, ladies!

Check them out at Aussie Legs and One Dream– One Goal– 5 million steps.

The Bad: A branch the size of my arm fell on my head while I was hiking. That was not awesome. I’m okay though! It scared me more than anything else. I took a zero in Fontana but only because the shuttle took over an hour to pick us up so I missed the post office and it didn’t open until noon the next day. I was pretty upset. The worst part was that it’s only a couple miles away. We literally could’ve walked there faster. It was a warm day going into the Smokies and apparently gnats bite. I want it to be cold again!

– Cyndi Loppers

– Cyndi Loppers


One thought on “Week 3: Town Vortex and the Downside to Maildrops

  1. Awesome journey! Best advice I can give is to always hike at your own pace – never let anyone “push you”. Taking care of your body and avoiding injury is the name of the game, and if you can through hike for a week, you can through-hike for a month… or six!

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