Week 2: Snow and Working Out the Kinks

Total Miles: 120.8

Miles This Week: 51.2

Location: Dicks Creek Gap to Wayah Bald Shelter

The Good: So many things have happened! Finished my first state. I passed into North Carolina and was welcomed with snow! That’s a big deal for me. Houston doesn’t get a lot of that. Passed the 100 mile mark. Albert Mountain was the hardest for me but the most rewarding. It was over fast but the steepest part so far. I took my first zero. Thank you to Ron Haven for being the most patient shuttle driver ever!

Best. Bubble. Bath. Ever.

I’m feeling great and overcoming obstacles with ease. I’m ready to tackle the Smokies! One more week of 10-12 mile days and I’ll feel comfortable taking on more. Can’t wait to see what this body of mine can do.

Tha Bad: I only did 51.2 miles this week! But I took several half days and my first zero. I needed to work out a few things. I broke a toenail in half last week by accidentally slamming into a rock. It doesn’t hurt but it wouldn’t stop bleeding and I was worried about an infection. I tried wrapping it but all that did was give me my first blister on the toe next to it. The liquid bandage I picked up in Franklin seems to be doing the trick. I switched out my wool sock liners but the new ones turned out to be too big so they bunched up and gave me my second blister. Luckily both were small and were easy fixes.

Now I didn’t want to go here but this is just ridiculous. I’ve been on my period for two weeks. TWO! Since Springer freakin’ Mountain. Most people wait out bad weather or injuries in town. I waited out my vagina.

This next part has me worried the most. I get hemiplegic migraines with aura. Look it up. It’s no joke. It was misdiagnosed for years as TIAs because I don’t get the headache until the next day. I lose peripheral vision, my left side goes numb, and I can’t piece sentences together correctly. I only get them once every year or two and they’re usually brought on by extreme stress. I am feeling fantastic! It doesn’t make sense. I think the combination of increased physical activity and the near vomit inducing descent of the Albert Mountain tower pushed me over the edge. I’ve never been afraid of heights like that before but it really got to me. The tower, not the mountain. Maybe because my legs were still a little shaky from the hike up? Fortunately, it didn’t happen on the way up Albert Mnt. but when I was already safely down and at the shelter. Crossing my fingers that was my one for the year!

– Cyndi Loppers


5 thoughts on “Week 2: Snow and Working Out the Kinks

  1. Look at you go! And look at those views! This whole post is inspiring. I hope your toenail gets its act together…and tell your uterus to take a chill pill! Bleeding for two week? Ain’t nobody got time for that!


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