Rainy Day Therapy

After my cat died, there were beautiful days here that I spent inside being sad. I haven’t been hiking in two months. I was feeling pretty good yesterday but it was raining. Instead of staying inside, I used it as a chance to test out my rain wrap. I went to a park by my house and stomped in every puddle I could find. Man, kids totally know something grownups don’t. It felt great. Plus, the rain wrap worked out nicely. Every once in a while the wind would blow the wrap open a little but not too much. It was better after I figured out I could just twist the wrap around so the overlapping part was facing the wind in a way that held it closed instead of opening it. And I love that I never got too hot! I’m glad I made myself get outside. Besides, how upset can you be when there are cute little guys like this hanging out!


I spent half the morning walking through their garden and the other half watching pelicans catch fish in the rain. Not a bad way to spend the day.


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