T-minus 7 Days

Time has been dragging by for the last two years, but ever since I hit the one month mark on my A.T. countdown, time has been flying by! Just one week left. I have a million things to do and not enough time to do them. Saying goodbye to the folks at home is one thing I couldn’t skip. We had a little good luck party at our place yesterday and it was great. Having a supportive family helps to ease the anxiety. Also, cake!

good luck cake

Best in-laws ever!

They also signed a sweet card for me. My son’s comment was my favorite.

bear snakes

I set up my tent in the living room so everyone could see my new home. Tiny thought he was going to get in trouble for being in it. He looks so guilty!

guilty cat

I made cute little cards to give out to everyone so they can follow along on my journey. Yay for free templates!

business card

Good food and good company is what it’s all about. Now, back to work! I need to get all this stuff done so I can go to GA and not get eaten by bear snakes.


3 thoughts on “T-minus 7 Days

  1. That’s awesome! I can’t wait to follow your journey :) And yeah, that’s a guilty cat if I’ve ever seen one! My Darcy cat looked like that after he vommed a hairball on my tent’s fly -___-


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