LightHeart Gear Rain Wrap

Rain Gear

Left: The prettiest Asian girl I know. Thanks for letting me raid your Facebook photos! Right: Me being goofy.

I got my LightHeart Gear Rain Wrap! I still dislike reviews from people who haven’t actually tested their gear. This isn’t a review. It’s an expression of my girlish glee and anticipation of trying this out. I’ve never used a rain skirt before and decided it might be right for me. It’s not actually as ridiculous as it is in the picture. The Packa (rain jacket/pack cover) is gigantic, and I love it, but without my pack on underneath it, it hangs down really low. My kiddo and I were being silly taking pictures and wackiness ensued. I might look funny when I have to wear this on laundry day but with my pack on it looks just fine.

I’m so excited about this rain wrap! I looked at a couple different brands and went with the LightHeart wrap instead of the other skirts I was looking at for a few reasons. The other ones I looked at online seemed to all have the same sort of velcro closure — one or two evenly placed strips creating a vertical seam with gaps between the strips of velcro, and either more velcro or an elastic waistband at the top. The LightHeart Gear Rain Wrap, however, wraps instead of joining at the edges, overlapping the fabric, so there is no vertical closure but also no gaps for rain to get in. It’s hard to explain but it makes perfect sense in my head! I imagine if you rotated the other ones so that the vertical closure was in the back it would be just fine since a backpack would probably keep the rain out, but the design of the LightHeart looks so much better. The waist design looks better to me, too. There is a small velcro bit and an adjustable buckle strap so it fits just right without bunching or being annoying.

LightHeart Gear Rain Wrap





I admittedly have only hiked in the rain twice! I carried around rain pants for years and never got rained on. We always planned our trips in nice weather. So, then when I wanted to test out my Packa, I picked a day I knew would rain and still didn’t use the rain pants. It wasn’t cold and it was too much trouble to take off my gaiters and shoes, put the pants on, and then put my shoes back on, all while balancing with my pack on. I just got wet instead of even trying. Instead of continuing to lug around something I wasn’t even using, I started looking for something that I would actually use.

I’ve already hit a wall with my shoulder and stubbed my little toe on a bookshelf today and it’s only 10am. I’m so clumsy! With the rain wrap I can just throw it on when it starts to rain and pull it off when it’s done, without having to take anything else on or off. That totally sounds like something a clumsy person can do without incident! The only thing I can see that might be a downside is severe wind?

They make a short and long version of each size so don’t let my picture dissuade you. Mine is the long version AND it’s one size bigger because I wanted the extra length. Yours will not look this silly. The best part is that it’s 3.3 oz compared to my rain pants at 9.4 oz. The weight drop is fantastic but I’m even more excited about the volume difference. This thing is tiny! I can’t wait to try it out.

Rain pants next to rain wrap.

Next to my giant rain pants, it’s itty bitty!


3 thoughts on “LightHeart Gear Rain Wrap

  1. We started hiking with Zpacks rain kilts. Yours looks to be longer and more voluptuous that ours, which is probably a good thing. Our were a little restricting and whenever you came to a down log that was too high to step over you had to belly flop onto it and roll off the other side… Looks like you’re gonna stay dry!


    • Haha! I can picture the belly flopping! I really like the wrap design. That Judy is a clever woman! She sees what’s lacking in gear and finds a way to try and fix it. I kinda want to show her my life and say, “See what you can do with this.”

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