Romance Overdose

Today is my 2nd wedding anniversary! We rented a cabin for the weekend at BlissWood Bed and Breakfast in Cat Spring, Texas. I promise I didn’t Google “Texas cat towns”. Total coincidence! We stopped by the Blue Bell Creamery for a tour on the way there to kill some time. It was very Mr. Rogers/Reading Rainbow. They don’t let you take pictures on the tour but it was still pretty cool. Plus, half gallon challenge practice! Bless you, Lactaid.

Stack of Blue Bell Cartons

Eating Ice Cream

A.T. prep!

Ice Cream Display

Blue Bell Paper Hat

Being silly!

After our complimentary scoops, we picked up a few groceries and headed to BlissWood. This place is an introverts dream come true. They are all about giving guests their privacy. We only saw a couple other guests and just one ranch hand the whole time we were there. The check-in process is calling half an hour before you get there. That’s it. We just showed up and our key and paperwork were waiting inside the cabin for us, along with flowers, champagne, cheese and crackers, and a fridge full of breakfast foods and drinks. They actually mixed up which package we’d ordered but we were surprisingly not upset about it. It just meant we had twice the cheese and crackers and, well, who complains about that? It was all very sweet. There’s even a romantic lake with an island gazebo where you can schedule a private picnic. A magical picnic fairy dropped off a basket before we got there. How awesome is that?!

Glitter Cookie

See? It’s an enchanted picnic cookie, complete with picnic fairy dust!

We stalked turtles, soaked in the hot tub, unsuccessfully tried to find a peacock, shooed some cows from the road, and vegged out in front of the chiminea. They seem to have something for everyone. We weren’t interested but they also have horseback riding, fishing, archery, trap shooting, and mountain biking. I really liked the option of staying as busy or not busy as we liked. A weekend full of relaxation was exactly what I needed. Oh, and the massage therapists that came directly to our cabin didn’t hurt either! I’ve never had a professional massage before this. I was wondering how hard they are to find in trail towns? I’m just saying… that could be some serious motivation to get me to Maine. :)

I feel like I can take on this crazy long to-do list of mine, now. I feel like the reset button has been pressed in my brain.

Oh, and, my husband is great, too! He thoughtfully gave me a lightweight gift that I can take with me on the Appalachian Trail. I’m totally bringing this little piece of home with me.

Heart Puzzle Locket

Wooden heart puzzle locket AND it’s only 0.3 oz!


2 thoughts on “Romance Overdose

  1. Alas, the ice cream you will eat on trail for the half gallon challenge will not be as good as Blue Bell :( It is the crappiest yukiest Nestle something blarg barf ever… but you are a hiker with hiker hunger so you don’t mind much :)


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