Cats Don’t Panic

Okay, maybe now I’m panicking. I’m leaving for the Appalachian Trail in one month! I still have a lot of stuff to do. I’ve got mail drops to plan and pack. I’ve got a list around the house a mile long. I’m trying to outsmart a rat in my garage. Does that count as A.T. prep? I’m trying to fix everything that needs fixing. It’s not that my husband can’t or won’t do it while I’m gone but he works long hours. I want to make things as easy for him as possible. I’m making them a spreadsheet called “The Guide to Kerryless Living”. It has a list of doctors’ numbers, when to give the cat meds, where the filters for the a/c are, etc. I’ve sort of been ignoring most of it for now, anyway, because my two year anniversary is coming up. There’s been so much going on in my brain I forgot today was New Years! #AsianFail I spent all day weighing gear and changing my mind about things I thought I’d already made up my mind about. So, you know, there’s still no posted gear list like I keep promising.

Since I’m completely useless at the moment, but I want to post something because it’s the big one month mark in my countdown for departure, let’s take a walk down memory lane instead.

Read my first post on the blog and my explanation of why I want to hike the A.T., from May of 2013.


3 thoughts on “Cats Don’t Panic

    • My husband is staying home to be the grown-up… paying bills and ensuring our son doesn’t turn into a crackhead while I’m gone. He’s super supportive! Assuming I don’t quit because of cat withdrawals, I’m planning on six months give or take a bit. :)

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