Three Months and a Whole Lotta Trees

Now that I’m recovered from NaBloPoMo…

Three months until my A.T. start date! I am now counting the days in double digits. Scary! I’m staying busy. I have been knitting like a madwoman trying to finish all of the gifts before Christmas. It’s been a nice distraction from the waiting. A little too distracting maybe. I am behind on planning for the Lone Star Hiking Trail which is in two weeks, not three months! I’ll get it worked out. I just have to get past Christmas.

Another nice distraction was volunteering to plant trees at Bastrop State Park last weekend. Turns out I’m not just a loppers kind of lady. I’m quite handy with a dibble bar as well. :) My husband had to work so I went by myself. I drove over the day before and got a little bit of hiking in before it got dark. The 2011 wildfire affected 96% of the park. This is what it looks like three years later:

charred scenicoverlookdoor sunset trees01 trees02 trees03

It’s sad but there is new life and it gets better every time I visit. It feels slow but, well, trees are slow. If you look close, there are baby trees everywhere and that’s pretty awesome.

newtrees pine berries berries02 dried fern leaf yellow yellow02

I was also pretty excited about this guy. I’ve never seen a woodpecker that close before. I’ve heard them and seen them off in the distance but not this close. My guess would be a Pileated Woodpecker?


I watched it for a while before hiking to the Creek Side area and setting up my tent for the night. I read the first half of Wild before I fell asleep. Not bad. In the morning, the volunteers met up and we convoyed to an area of the park closed to the public and got to work. We planted 1,612 trees before noon. The Lorax would be proud. Plus, good karma for the A.T.! I need all the help I can get. :)

Used with permission by Mick Haven.

Used with permission by Mick Haven.

step1 step3 babytree

If you’d like to sign up for future tree planting days, you can do that at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

If you’d like to help by making a monetary donation, you can do that at Friends of the Lost Pines State Parks.


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