Lost Maples State Natural Area

I’ve finally picked my favorite photos from our trip to Lost Maples State Natural Area. Some of them didn’t turn out the way I wanted but there are still some pretty ones. There was the perfect family photo of the three of us. Everyone was smiling and everyone’s eyes were open AND looking at the camera. It was Christmas card perfect. It was also blurry. Oh well. Despite our failed family photo, we had a great time. We have been wanting to go for years but could never seem to make it happen. This year we checked out the foliage report and decided Thanksgiving was the perfect time to go. I’m glad we did!

We left later than usual but got there with just enough time to hike in a mile to Campsite C. It was a nice spot but a little crowded, most likely, because it’s next to a little pond. We were going to go to a different campsite the next night but the drunk rednecks left in the morning so we stayed. We spent the next two days hiking around with day packs. The East and Maple trails are nice, wide, gravel trails. The steep parts weren’t too bad. The grotto and Monkey Rock were cool. We saw the best colors on the Maple Trail. Imagine that! The West Trail had fewer dramatic colors but was more my style. We ran into fewer people and the trail felt more rugged, following a rocky river bed for a while. We filled up a little extra water at a spring but ended up not needing it so it never got filtered. My Sawyer filter will have to wait until the LSHT trip to get tested. The only trail we didn’t hike was the West Loop Trail. We took a break at the bottom of it and polled the audience to see if it was worth it. Skipping it and eating Thanksgiving dinner early was our final answer. The third morning, I woke up before everyone and couldn’t go back to sleep so I hiked up to a scenic overlook by myself and watched the sunrise. It was wonderfully peaceful, at least it was until a couple of deer nearly gave me a heart attack. We’ll be back, deer! Revenge will be mine.


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