Thanksgiving #3

My cats are taking the day off. They are still busy sniffing all of the camping gear so Rocky the raccoon and Blanca the cat are filling in today. Blanca is the queen bee at my in-laws.


Blanca loves her suitcase hiding spot in the closet.

All the Thanksgivings are done! We went to see my husband’s family this afternoon. His brother is in town from London. We don’t get to see him much so that was nice. Good food and good company is always a plus for a holiday. We took a Geocaching stroll around the neighborhood to walk off some of our meal and make room for dessert. Mmmmm pie!

His parents found a hunting season hat and vests for a good price and picked them up for me the other day. One less thing for me to knit this season. Thank you!


They will be very much appreciated on the Lone Star Trail coming up. I’m looking forward to this trip more and more. I am at a point where I am comfortable with my hiking abilities and all my gear, but an area I’m really still a novice at is packing and unpacking every day. Usually my husband splits the camp chores with me and when I’m by myself it’s sort of a mess. It looks like an outfitters exploded in my tent. There’s also the factor of using completely different gear depending on whether we’re car camping or backpacking or I’m going solo. I have two backpacks, five stoves, four tents, etc., to choose from. We’re always bringing something different. This trip will really help me hone my solo system. I feel like I need the repetition of setting up and breaking down daily to really get myself in line. I’m looking forward to finding a place for everything and having everything in its place. You know, in theory.


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