Cats Love Turkeys

The thing I am most thankful this year is laughter. I am surrounded by it. I am proud that my child has inherited my sense of humor. Unfortunately he got my hair as well but that’s another matter. It is equal parts hypothetical scenarios, puns, and sarcasm.

I’m lucky enough to have found and married a man who has made me laugh every single day we’ve spent together for the last five years. Even in our most serious of conversations, which is actually only a total of maybe two, one of us inevitably cracks a joke. We’re so disgusting we often crack the same exact joke at the same exact time.

My best friend laughs at ALL of my jokes whether or not they’re funny. He has a good laugh too. Annoying laughs are a deal breaker.

My family is dramatic but they all have great senses of humor as well. Even my insane mother makes me smile. Even my in-laws are funny! Whoever said you’re supposed to hate your in-laws is doing it wrong.

I’ve saved the best for last, my cats make me laugh in a way that warms my heart like nothing else. Tiny chases his tail like a dog and Mal-Mal rounds everyone up at night and yells at them to go to bed. They have such distinct personalities.


Also, this day last year, I quit my job at the Medical Examiner’s Office to spend time with my family before my thru-hike. It’s given me a chance to appreciate and enjoy all those moments of laughter and I am grateful beyond words. I am stashing those moments away to pull back out when I’m cold and wet and hungry and sore and want to go home next year. On a girly note, check out how long my hair has grown in a year!


November 27, 2013


November 25, 2014

I considered keeping it short for my thru-hike but then I thought I haven’t had long hair in soooo long. Plus, if I don’t like it long, I can always cut it on the Trail. If I don’t like it short, I can’t instantly grow it all back.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!


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