Cats Don’t Change Diapers

Today I babysat and that’s pretty much it. It did, however, remind me of one of my favorite gear items that isn’t really a gear item.


I swear I didn't make the colors match on purpose.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best! For those times when a carabiner just doesn’t cut it, safety pins swoop in and save the day. The nice thing about diaper pins is that it takes a lot more effort to stab yourself with them. If you’re extremely accident prone like me, you can go a step further and get ones that lock. I have ones that lock (see photo). You push in the cap end and it stays closed. You pull out and it lines up to be opened. I think I got mine at Jo-Ann but I’m sure you could just go to the grocery store. I haven’t had them for very long but so far I’ve used them to hang wet socks and a pee rag on the outside of my pack and held a zipper up on a pair of jeans at the Gathering. Flashing my new East Coast friends my bottom half wasn’t how I wanted to make a first impression.


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