Cats and Cables – Retail Therapy

I feel guilty when I buy things I don’t need. Unless it’s food. Food is delicious. I’ve already gotten all but one piece of gear for my thru-hike. Anything I buy now is because I think it’s really cool or it’s an upgrade from items I already have.

But today’s unnecessary purchase was guilt free! They were only $8 each at Walgreens and they were bought after a horrible no good very bad day at the doctor. These are my grown-up version of a lollipop. I earned these puppies.



I already have tons of micro USB cables to choose from. I have short ones, long ones, and retractable ones. The short ones are too short. They’re a tiny bit lighter but I feel like I’ll probably be annoyed with the length so it’s really not worth the miniscule weight savings. The long ones are too long. They’re okay by themselves but get tangled easily when they’re together. Despite rubber bands being a magical lightweight invention, I think they still take up too much space. The retractable ones seem like a great idea but they’re too short and I don’t trust the retracting mechanisms to hold up forever.

I like my new cables for lots of reasons. Besides being pretty colors, they’ll be easy to see if dropped and easily identified as being mine if mixed in with other hikers’ stuff. The cables are flat so they don’t get tangled. That’s more of a problem with headphones than cables but it’s still a nice feature. My husband joked that I could write my name on them. I thought they’d be heavier with the flat design but they’re only .65 oz each, which is only .1 oz heavier than my short cables. I plugged my phone in this evening and the 3′ length is the Goldilocks of lengths for me.

I never thought I’d be over analyzing something like USB cables but here I am. I’m surprisingly okay with it. :)

(It’s 12:12 a.m. Does it still count as NaBloPoMo if I haven’t gone to bed yet? Oops.)


2 thoughts on “Cats and Cables – Retail Therapy

    • Doh! Usually I have excellent cat advice but none of my cats so far have been cable chewers. We have one cat that licks fabric. I know that sounds tame but it was insanely annoying. He licked anything he could hook a claw into – curtains, clothes, couches, carpets. Maybe he just loves the letter C. Who knows?! But we found that he stopped every time we bought grass as a treat. Now we grow our own and keep it coming. No more waking up in the middle of the night to a creepy ssscccrrraaaatttccchhhh over and over again. See, they weren’t tiny, cute, little, quick cat licks. They were long, slow, drawn out, scrape the meat from your bones, serial killer licks. Anyway, try grass maybe?


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