Cats Don’t Need Fire Starters

I went to the dentist today. I’ve been going every three months for maybe a year. Kids, this is what happens if you don’t go for 20 years. But today they said I could start going every four months instead of three. Woohoo! They set up my next appointment and it ended up being the same day we leave for Atlanta. Well, that’s not going to work so I had them make it for the week before. I’m so close now that I actually have to start looking at the calendar when I make appointments! Exciting. Then I went grocery shopping and had a mild moment of panic where I bought one of everything I love that I could find. Ya know, in case I don’t get to eat it for six months next year. It was a disaster.


Malcolm Reynolds disapproves.

Now we are celebrating the first cold week in Houston by using the fireplace. I’m not sure why we even have one since we rarely get to use it but it is awfully nice when we do.


Fire good.

I like to make my own fire starters. They’re cardboard egg carton pods filled with sawdust and leftover candle  wax. They last forever but I’m out of them. So I tried the popular petroleum jelly coated cotton balls for the first time. They have a good flame and last a while but they’re kinda gross.



Vaseline’s so… greasy. Next time I’m out of my regular ones I think I’ll try wax soaked cotton facial pads. I hear those are nice too.


2 thoughts on “Cats Don’t Need Fire Starters

  1. I make fire-starters out of corrugated cardboard and old candle wax. Melt your wax, cut the cardboard into 1″-1 1/2″ strips about 4″ long. It works better if you cut the cardboard so the corrugations are the short way. Dip the strips into the wax, the corner that you hold the strip with your fingers doesn’t get coated and actually this helps when you light this unwaxed corner , it ignites quickly. These are very light and compact. I brought a half dozen with me and carried them from Springer Mt. I never used them but I did give them to 2 other hikers who were trying, without much luck, to light a fire. They worked like a charm. I sent me others in my drop boxes but left them in the nearest hiker box.


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