My Favorite Appliance

Today was a busy day. Not only is my house mostly clean but I worked all day. I’m not entirely jobless. I do contract transcription work on the side. It doesn’t pay the bills but it supports my gear habit and I only work on days I feel like it. Today was a heavy day so I didn’t really think too much about the A.T. Don’t worry. I don’t feel feverish or anything. Just busy.

I wanted to share something I found the other day when I was writing the hair tie  monopod post. There are tons of pictures on Pinterest so, again, I totally stole this idea but I think it’s extra cute. Plus, you can never have too many carabiners.


It's girly AND tomboyish!

I had breakfast with an old co-worker the other day and she commented on how long my hair has gotten. I used to keep it short all the time because it was just easier than putting it up at work every day. What’s the point of having long hair if you never wear it down? And, trust me, you don’t want it down when you’re surrounded by puddles of other people’s miscellaneous fluids all day. My hair is really thick so it was really hot too. After the first few attics, sheds, and open fields in summer, I chopped it off and never looked back. I started growing it out as soon as I quit, though, and now my bathroom is covered in hair ties. The cats don’t seem to mind but it means that I can never find the one I want! Problem solved. :)


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