Cats Don’t Countdown


Countdown widget screenshot. Yours will obviously not have a cat neck in the background... unless you're awesome.

I got the idea of a countdown app from someone else’s blog a while back but I can’t remember which one or I would give them credit. Sorry! There are lots of these to choose from but I picked this one because I could choose the color, and because it has the progression circle so I can see how long it’s been, not just how long I have left to go. I set it to 180 days because that’s how long I’m giving myself to hike. Later, when I’m on the trail and it feels like I’ve been there forever, I can look back and remember that six months wasn’t really that long. Right now, I’m already more than a quarter of the way to my start date! The widget doesn’t do anything more than sit there counting down on my home screen, but every once in a while when I’m doing something else on my phone I’ll glance at it and think, “Oh hell yeah!” or “What? No way it’s already been that long!” It’s been one of the things that’s kept me from going insane while I wait. It’s the little things in life.

Depending on your personality, I could see how this could have the opposite effect, like waiting for water to boil. Just don’t look at it every day. Just leave it be and look at it when you happen to look at it, and it’ll be a nice surprise.

I just wish I’d thought of this when I was waiting for my wedding. :)


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