Cats. Cats, Cats, Caaaats!

I thought the hardest part of doing NaBloPoMo on my phone would be typing but it’s actually trying to come up with a clever title every day.

I took a day off from planning hikes and spent most of today at the bottom of a cat pile. I also went grocery shopping. When my husband and I decided not to have a baby together we entertained the idea of getting another cat as a consolation prize, but my lap is simply out of surface area.

Tiny is a jerk. He just is. I knew this when I got him and it’s actually the reason I got him. He steals your spot when you get up and he looks you straight in the eye when he knocks something over just to make sure you know he knows. He hides and waits for Mal-Mal to get out of the litter box so he can pounce him. He sleeps on top of a dresser instead of in bed with everyone else because he’s too cool for school. Oh and if you don’t pick him up and put him on said dresser, he will cry in the dark in the living room until you do. It’s actually pretty creepy because it sound like “Hello?” over and over again. He gets upset when his brother tries to clean him or snuggle with him. But ever since Mal-Mal has gotten worse, he’s started being juuuuust a little bit nicer. Now when his brother starts breathing fast he lets him take a timeout. He lays next to him and waits a bit before putting him back in a headlock. Yesterday, Mal-Mal threw up and this happened afterwards:



He’s going to miss him! It is sad and sweet and my heart is breaking for both of them. <3


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