Cats Don’t Have Thumbs

I started looking into the Lone Star Hiking Trail some more today. I called Huntsville State Park to confirm that they would hold a small resupply box there for me to pick up. They agreed but I got the impression that it was something they didn’t like doing. She made a point of telling me four or five times what their hours were. It really feels like my best option though. It beats hauling 9 days worth of food and it definitely beats trying to hitch a ride next to a sign that says not to pick up hitchhikers. Huntsville is home to a state prison and while I don’t exactly look like an escaping inmate, I doubt I’ll have much luck. Plus, I’m not ready to hitch. I’ll save that for hiker friendly A.T. towns.


My next step is planning where to camp. Actually, my next step is knitting a blaze orange hat and picking up a vest for me and my pack. It’ll be hunting season and I want to make sure to be seen. (My phone autocorrected “hunting” to “hugging”. Hugging season sounds much nicer!) Along with my smashing orange fashion attire, I’ll also need to avoid being mistaken for dinner by making it to a designated hunting season campsite each night. The Lone Star Hiking Trail Club has a very awesome Google map of these on their Facebook page. I’ve started making plans and it’s pretty tricky so far. On some days, not being able to stealth camp means a really short day or a really long day to be able to make it to the campsites. I’m sure I can figure it out but right now it’s making my brain hurt.


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