Cats Love Selfies

I took my new trail runners out for a spin around the neighborhood yesterday. I didn’t go far because of my knee but I made it 2.6 miles roundtrip to cast my vote. Votes that mean absolutely nothing in a state where my opinion is vastly outnumbered by…but this isn’t that kind of blog! Even though I didn’t walk far yesterday I can already tell the difference. I’m very happy with the shoes. I thought I might need to buy the green Superfeet insoles in the wide size but the regular sized ones I already have felt just fine. My knee didn’t mind the walk either which is a really good sign. Yay for happy feet and knees!

Today was rainy and I didn’t feel well so I thought I’d try a gear experiment that was easy and okay to do indoors. It doesn’t get any easier than this trekking pole monopod idea I found here. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. Basically you just take a rubber band and put it around one side of the camera. Then you stretch it to go around the back of the camera and around the pole handle to the other side of the camera and slip the rubber band on there. You stick the trekking pole in the ground and set the timer. So easy! The guy’s video on the link is better than my explanation but here are some pictures I took just to give you an idea:





I used a ponytail holder instead of a rubber band. You could also use a piece of elastic or shock cord. I recommend trying it beforehand just like the rest of your gear though. The first hair tie I tried was too small and didn’t stretch far enough. If I was going to take lots of video I would probably go with a Stick Pic or something similar. Since I just want the occasional timed photo of myself or a group shot where nobody gets left out, I think this will do just fine. It’s multi-purpose if I go the ponytail holder route. Plus, it costs and weighs almost nothing. If I want to save even more weight, I could take the strap off the camera and replace it with the ponytail holder. It would be faster too since I’d only have to attach one side when putting it on the pole because the other side is already attached. Maybe I’m easily impressed and maybe everyone already knows about this trick but I think this is pretty cool. :)


3 thoughts on “Cats Love Selfies

  1. That’s super cool! I never would have thought of that…I used a gorillapod tripod when I went hiking in Alaska. It was cool until the clip that attached to the camera fell off on the hike down the mountain :P This saves quite a bit of weight and is totally multipurpose. Love it!

    And I hear you about voting…voting in the Florida panhandle is like throwing your greatly outnumbered vote into the abyss. It sure was a rough midterm election cycle.


    • Me too! Except I was lucky that my Gorillapod accident happened at home on the carpet. The clip’s lock shouldn’t become unlocked just by barely touching it. Not cool. I still use it sometimes but I don’t do risky things like attach it to tree branches or bridge railings anymore, which completely defeats the purpose!


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