New New Balance

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I present to you… trail runners that fit!


They are New Balance Trail 860v4. I think they are sort of hideous. I also think they are exactly my size so who cares! New Balance is the only brand I’ve been able to find, in the last two years of looking, that offer an animal friendly trail runner in a women’s size 9 extra wide. If you know of another brand, I’d love to hear about it. That sounds sarcastic but I’m being sincere. Please tell me! :) They aren’t vegan because of the glue they use but after two years of searching, beggars can’t be choosers, right? I tried brands that are known for their roomy toe boxes but they still just weren’t wide enough for me in their regular sizes. I’ve actually never worn an extra wide shoe before so I was a little worried they were going to be obviously gigantic. When I opened the box, I was happy to see normal looking shoes instead of the clown variety. I want to buy more but I know my feet will swell on the Trail and I might not be the same size so I’m resisting. Did I mention they fit like a dream? They are Goldilocks meets Cinderella and I love them. I mean, in my living room I love them. I’m going to take them for a stroll through the neighborhood to go vote this morning. The doc said I couldn’t hike but he never said anything about strolling.


4 thoughts on “New New Balance

    • I have some Keen sandals I love! They’re great camp shoes. Unfortunately the hiking ones don’t fit me right. Glad you like yours though. It’s amazing what a perfect fitting shoe can do for hiking morale.


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