Can You Hear Me Now?


Can you hear me now?!

Like most people, when I’m hiking I put my phone in airplane mode. This prolongs the battery life considerably because then the phone isn’t wasting battery power by constantly searching for a signal that often times doesn’t even exist out there. I actually picked up that trick before I started hiking. During one of my clinicals in x-ray school, I would throw my purse with my phone into a locker in the hospital and it would be dead by the time I left. It took an embarrassingly long time to figure out what was happening… this was before phones were smart! So this morning, I put my phone in airplane mode so I could see how far I could get in a blog post on the WordPress app before I had to be connected to the internet. Looks like I can do everything offline except access the media library and publish the finished post. That’s awesome! I can still add a picture from my phone to the post in airplane mode and it waits until I publish to actually upload the image. That’s totally fine for just a few pictures but if I want to add a gallery I’d have to connect because, again, it can’t access the media library offline. I thought maybe I’d have to be logged in just to start typing the text out but that’s not the case so that should help save the battery too. All good things to know!

My contract is up with my service provider a couple days before I leave for Georgia so I may get a new phone then. The app should be the same though so it’s still worth practicing with. When my contract is up, I think I will also switch to Verizon. All of the forum posts I’ve read and everyone I asked at the Gathering said Verizon had the best coverage on the A.T. Seriously. It was unanimous. My only concern is that the other two lines on my plan will still be under contract and I’m the holder of the account. I don’t know how much of a pain it will be to have two different providers. Will it cost more overall? Will they make me bring in my husband to put the old account into his name since I won’t be on it anymore? I will add going to a Verizon store on my list of things to do. Maybe I can talk with someone to get a good idea about what to expect so there aren’t any last minute surprises later.

Man, prepping for a hike after a doctor tells you you can’t hike is boring! :P Brightside: my knee is not better but it appears to be heading in that general direction. Hurry up, time!


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