Cats Love Halloween!

Jack o' lanterns.


Strangely enough, the vampire cat isn’t mine. My husband carved that one. I knew I married him for a reason. ;)

Brain cupcakes.

Mmmm braaaiiins…

My brain squiggles didn’t come out quite right but in my defense I haven’t seen a real brain in almost a year. They were still tasty though!

Cat clawing at decorations.

He thought putting up creepy decorations was rude to do around a cat with a heart condition so he took some down.

For Halloween giggles, I read some entertaining ghost stories on WhiteBlaze this morning by searching for “paranormal” in the forums. Turns out, there are lots of people who think they’ve seen or heard some unsettling things on the A.T. Personally, I’ve never had a creepy experience on a trail … unless you count my husband getting spooked at 4 am by what turned out to be a roadrunner. Real or not, they’re just kinda fun to read. Happy Halloween!


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