Post Gathering Thoughts & Five Month Mark

Five months to go. The countdown continues. This month has gone by quickly. The Gathering was a beautiful distraction.

A.T. volunteer pin

Where should I put this pin?

I’m finally winding down. I’m mostly unpacked. It’s slow-going when everything is covered in cats.

Cats in suitcase.


I’ve started another journal at I’ll be posting on it once a month before my hike and then short daily entries once I start. So it will be slow at first but will pick up once I start hiking. I don’t want to just post the exact same thing on both sites. I want them to be different. I’ll still be posting here on WordPress when I start hiking. Hopefully once a week and they’ll be like my usual posts on here. I’ve included my awesome in-laws into Mission Control to help with all the blog posting so it doesn’t get too overwhelming.

I forgot to mention some things from the Gathering. I had a chance to test out my sleeping bag over the week. I’ve slept in it a few times but Massachusetts was definitely the coldest I’ve had the opportunity to try it out in. I don’t know exactly what the temperature was over the five nights but I’d guess low 30s. It was definitely cold enough for frost on the ground in the morning a few times. I don’t think it made it to into the 20s though. I’m happy to say my bag did just fine. I only wore a pair of lightweight long merino base layers and I was toasty. I’ll have to post a review on the bag soon. Quite a few people asked about it at the Gathering and nobody knew the brand. Coming soon!

The other thing I forgot to bring up was my knee. It did just fine at the Gathering but is sore now that I’m home. Not as bad as it was before but enough to make me still worried about it. I still have my original appointment with my new doctor tomorrow so I’m still going to mention the soreness and have it checked out. No hiking until I get it sorted.

I also went to another doctor on Friday for other things. I didn’t put this on my list of worries before but it has definitely been hovering over me. I have a history of ovarian dermoid cysts, three total (one the size of a softball!) resulting in two separate surgeries to remove them, along with one of my ovaries. I have been doing everything the last two years that I can, as far as preventative health measures go… getting four wisdom teeth removed, having a root canal, and getting a couple of crowns comes to mind… because I want there to be as few surprises as possible when I’m out there next year. I mean, how angry would I be if I had to leave the trail because of a toothache? So I’ve been playing catch up with my health, going to dentists and doctors, losing weight… but I can’t stop growing wonky cells inside my body. This is totally not up to me! Scary. Anyway, my ob/gyn says my goods are good. No surgery this year and no more worrying for a while. Thundercats, HO!




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