Brazos Bend State Park

Brazos Bend State Park is absolutely one of my favorite Texas State Parks. I’ve been four times and have seen alligators up close every single time. Occasionally, a little too close.

Alligator waiting for my husband.

Please note my husband looking the wrong direction. Look at how shallow that bank is. Bleh!

They even let you pet baby gators in the nature center. Holy cuteness, Batman! They are tiny and they squeak. Besides alligators, the park is home to the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s George Observatory, open to the public for stargazing on Saturdays. This is a cool place for kids. The park has a volunteer organization that does great things like run the nature center, lead programs and hikes, and perform trail maintenance. There’s always something going on. When I go by myself, I go during the week to avoid the crowds. I really like the versatility of the park. You can go no matter what sort of mood you’re in. They have short trails, paved trails, and longer loops that can be done together for a full day of hiking. They offer water/electric campsites, screened shelters, a small cabin, premium primitive, and primitive equestrian sites. The only thing they’re missing are backcountry sites. The premium primitive sites are in a field next to a parking lot and have fire rings and picnic tables. You’re not exactly slumming it.

Premium primitive site.


I just love this place. Did I mention baby gators? So cute. It also doesn’t hurt that it is the closest park to our house. My cat’s condition is getting worse and I can’t bring myself to go on an extended trip right now, but I can’t pass up an 80% chance of rain tomorrow to test out my new tent for one night. Heh, I’ve never wished for rain on a camping trip before. Wish me luck!

Until then, here are pics from the park in 2011 and ’12.


3 thoughts on “Brazos Bend State Park

  1. They’re pretty bummy when they aren’t being provoked. I’d never seen one on the trail until this morning. I decided his dibs were legitimate and retreated back the way I came. Bright side: I got to go home early!


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