Cats Love Summer

I spent tons of time outside in the summer as a kid. As an adult, the sound of cicadas singing instantly brings me back to those times. I imagine they can be annoying to some, especially considering that you can hear certain kinds of them a mile away, but I love it. There is something wonderfully nostalgic about cicadas on a hot summer day that any kid in the south understands. It’s very relaxing. It makes me want a hammock and a lemonade. We’ve got a few in the front yard this year and it makes me happy.


As long as they aren’t flying toward your face, they’re not as scary as they look.

Our current house was empty for several years before we moved in. We don’t actually have a lot of yard but because there were no humans around for such a long time, our wraparound deck seems to be some sort of animal superhighway for the neighborhood. We have seen possums, skunks, snakes, and of course cats! come passing through. There is also a healthy population of lizards during the day and geckos at night. I like to imagine them clocking in and out at dawn and dusk when they change shifts… sometimes wearing hard hats for some reason. I ♥ summer.

While most people probably knew that yesterday was the first day of summer, they may not have known that the summer solstice is also Hike Naked Day on the AT. Don’t worry, I didn’t hike naked. Your eyes are safe. The idea appeals to me, though. The freedom of discarding societal constraints on the trail can be taken one step further by discarding your clothes for a few miles. The reality, however, of running into a troop of Boyscouts during this clothing optional time isn’t as appealing. The naked human body is a completely natural thing and nothing to be ashamed of or feared but I also respect the rights of other people. I’m currently conflicted. I will most likely take a pass next year but I will probably be a slightly different person by then so anything is possible. This year, instead of strolling trail-side in my birthday suit, I spent the afternoon in the pool for my niece’s first time swimming. It rained a little which I personally thought was quite entertaining. Got to really test out my new camera in the water and found out it takes a small amount of concentration not to make a derpy face under water. Good times. Happy summer everyone!

P.S. My sunflowers are genuinely considering being sunflowers… finally!


You can do it!


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