Happy Belated Birthday, Blog

I took the plunge and came out of the AT closet on WhiteBlaze.net by posting in the 2015 Thru-Hike Registry thread. One more official way of holding myself accountable for this hike. I mentioned that while I’m waiting for my thru-hike I’m also trying to get every Texas State Park under my belt and it made me wonder where exactly I am with that. I guess I stopped counting when I decided to try to hike the AT. It looks like I’ve been to 21 Texas State Parks so far. That’s including ones that you can’t camp at but it’s still exciting. Haha, only something like 78 more to go!

Texas is big, y’all.


I started looking at old posts to see if there were any parks I’d missed to come up with that number and realized I’d missed my blogging birthday! I can’t believe it’s been a year since my first blog post on here. Even more so, I can’t believe I have been planning this trip for a year already. The time has gone by so fast. It gives me hope that the next 9 months will go by just as quickly.

I’d been trying to blog once a week for a while but couldn’t keep it up. It felt forced. I think maybe I don’t like posting without at least one picture? If I can get over that, then posting weekly shouldn’t be a problem. Also, I think I was looking at blogging the wrong way. This is for my family and friends as much as it is for strangers. I want it to feel personal. I want it to feel like a journal more than a blog if that makes sense. I was over-analyzing everything I wrote so I just stopped writing. I don’t want to post top 10 lists and 3 reasons why …. I am in no position to give people advice nor do I care to. My gear is all bought and paid for so I don’t need sponsors or tons of followers. It’s nice that a few people read this so I’m not trying to be all too cool for school or anything. I’m just expressing that I’d like to keep this blog what it was originally intended to be — an outlet for me. If that means a probably too long post about my boring life without pictures, so be it.

This is what I’ve been up to the last month that I haven’t been blogging:

My amazing guys set up tents in the living room for Mother’s Day. Watching a movie in the tent with the cats, now that’s some luxurious camping! Don’t imagine I’ll see much of that next year.

My son turned fifteen and we threw a small shindig for a few of his friends and went out to eat with some family. Fifteen! I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around it. He’ll be sixteen next year when I’m on my hike. He tells me it’s fine but I keep trying to make sure he’s not just saying that to make me happy. From everything I’ve read it seems that most people wait until their kids are grown. People wait for something or put something else off until later … retirement, graduate school, kids, etc. My son is in high school and my husband is staying home to hold everything together until I come back. They are both overwhelmingly supportive. I mean, it’s not like I’m just getting up and going on a whim. This has been in the works for the last year and I’m not even leaving until next year so we all have time to let it sink in. Still, I feel like I need, for my own piece of mind, to make sure that I’m just lucky and not foolishly selfish.

The bright side is that my impending guilt may be thwarted by my chronic clumsiness. My husband and I joke that I’ll be home in a week because I’ll hurt myself in a freak accident. I got a blister on my finger getting ready for D’s party and I had no idea it was there until it ripped off. It’s yet to be decided if my high tolerance for pain is going to be a good thing or a bad thing on my thru-hike. Oh and I managed somehow to be losing a toenail. Gross, I know! No idea how it happened but it is definitely about to fall off. There’s no discoloration or obvious trauma. It doesn’t even hurt. It looks completely normal, if you ignore the fact that it’s about to fall off. The internet tells me it takes about a year and a half to grow a toenail back so I’ll be starting my hike already missing it. Although, I just read something that claims 3-6 months so I guess we’ll see. Either way, most people don’t lose nails until AFTER they start hiking.

My life has a way of doing things out of order but I’ve learned to just run with it. :)



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