Testing Video With Crabs and Clams… No Cats

Well, that was frustrating. It seems the video with my camera is pretty good but my video editing skills are less than awesome. I could’ve posted eight short videos but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to combine them down into two videos. I stayed up all night trying to get editing software and YouTube not to hate me. All I wanted to do was add them with a simple fade in between, slow down one tiny 2 second scene, and lower the volume (waves and wind are loud!) but noooo. When I got the video right, the audio was wrong. When I got the audio right, the video mysteriously added letterboxing. Every time I converted formats something crazy would change. I couldn’t win! I feel obligated to preemptively inform you that you will most likely not be receiving videos from the trail. These “moving pictures” of yours are too fancy for an old fogey such as myself. I will stick to my beloved not moving pictures.

Turns out I can do all the stuff I wanted to do in the YouTube editor. I didn’t need any of the stuff I downloaded to make this happen. Ha! On occasion, I have a knack for making things harder than they should be.

All that being said, these are pretty cool. 

Not worrying about getting the camera wet is very exciting and takes some getting used to. It’s also very tricky to remember not to cover the light from the headlamp with the camera to create an unwanted shadow. Oops.

The first video is a compilation of live clams at night on the beach at Port Aransas from my failed attempt to visit Mustang Island State Park. They were digging in and out of the sand every time the water came up. Watching them bury themselves was really cool but watching them come up was even better. When you see them there on the surface, you expect them to go down. When you’re looking at an empty spot and all of a sudden they start popping up everywhere, I dunno, the surprise is the best part. I’ve actually seen this happen once before in the same area years ago with my husband. We drove down on a whim for my birthday, four hours there and back in the same day. I was so excited about it that I refused to run to the car for my camera because I thought I would miss it. I didn’t realize it goes on for quite awhile and that there are so many of them. It’s not just one spot, either, but they cover a good stretch of beach. This time I got to share the experience with my brothers AND get it on video. Good times! 

The next video is a ghost crab hunting for those clams. Apparently, crabs can be cute too! This dude or dudette needs a tiny cat it can stroke on top of the head while whispering, “exxxccceeelllent!” Absolutely adorable.



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