Wildflower Adventure (Part 3 of 3)

First of all, happy Earth Day! I had to run lots of boring errands today but I did celebrate by watering my sunflower seeds. I know that doesn’t sound like much but if you knew how good I am at killing plants you’d be impressed. I, also, finished a bookshelf I made from reclaimed wood leftover from the wedding last year and scraps from my brother’s unfortunately empty bunny house.

I only cut myself twice making this. Success!

I only cut myself twice making this. Success!

Sunflowers! Well, maybe one day.

Sunflowers! Well, maybe one day.

I hope your Earth Day was better thought out than mine was.

Well, it took awhile but I finally went through the rest of the pictures from my last trip. After I packed up my gear and headed back home, I made a side trip to the Coryell Museum and Historical Center. It really has nothing to do with hiking or camping BUT there was a country garden with flowers to hone my macro skills and they had some history of Isabella Eleanor “Mother” Neff. I had planned on just running in and out after the history lesson but they had so much cool stuff I stayed until my camera battery died. They had replicas of a country garden, soda fountain shop, doctor’s office, and an old cabin. They even have a restored 1953 Ford Mainline and a 1915 Model T. I’m such a sucker for old things. It was well worth the side trip. 

Things I learned:

  • All the items were donated and the workers are all volunteers.
  • The rowels on spurs make pretty music when you spin a line of them in a one-woman Stomp performance when nobody is looking. (The ONLY thing in the museum you are allowed to touch.)
  • In addition to lots of spurs, Texas has lots of barbed wire.
  • It’s hard to take close-ups of flowers without gettin’ all Georgia “I swear I didn’t mean to!” O’Keeffe about it.

This weekend, beach camping with my brothers! Any ideas for keeping my tent staked? I’ve only camped on the beach once and I woke up covered in sand because the rain fly didn’t stay down. Do snow stakes work for sand? Has anyone tried those sand/snow bags you fill and bury? If you have advice, I’d love to hear it. :)


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