Wildflower Adventure (Part 2 of 3)

After getting distracted by wildflowers and getting to Mother Neff State Park after the headquarters closed, my wonderful friend Natasha came to my rescue with firewood and good company. She lives close by the park and her and her husband came to have dinner with me. It was a welcomed break after spending the entire day alone in the car. It’s a smallish park but it may have just felt that way because parts of the park are currently under construction. Even though there aren’t a ton of trails available right now, there was still some cool stuff to see.

I spent the next morning hiking to the rock tower built by the CCC, lounging on top of Tonkawa Cave, and walking face first into caterpillars hanging from trees. Instead of looking for perfect flowers to photograph, I thought I’d change it up by looking for flowers with insects on them. Those little guys did not disappoint! I got back to my campsite just after lunch and relaxed. Well … tried to relax… I’ve never actually spent that much time not doing anything. Turns out I’m not a camper as much as I am a hiker. I’ve always hiked all day, made dinner, cleaned up, and went to bed. Even when we hang out by the fire, at least you can get up and rearrange the wood. I spent five hours reading a book in a hammock. It sounds nice (and it totally was … for the first hour!) but I think I would’ve rather went back and hiked all the trails again until it was time for dinner. That’s the point of these solo trips, learning something about myself. I need all the mental ammo I can get for the AT next year.

Oh, I also learned that if a skunk and I pick the exact same spot to pee at in the middle of the night, the skunk wins, hands down. I have never been so grateful for my pStyle. I imagine it made for a much cleaner getaway as opposed to falling and tripping over myself with my pants pulled down when I realized there was a skunk’s bum pointed towards me. Either way, lucky for me it was all point and no spray.



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